The Power of Menstruation: Integration

How can we actually reclaim the power of our period? Each women will have to find her own individual way of reconnecting to herself. A powerfull tool in this process is the practice of free bleeding.

Free bleeding means not to collect the blood inside or outside of you, but to simply let it flow. By that we are activly interacting with the blood instead of passivly letting the process pass.

To try this practice choose a day on which you can expect to be bleeding. To start with, set an hour aside that you can intentionally dedicate to get to know yourself. If you do not feel comfortable with nudity, choose a loose skirt and no underwear. Place yourself on a (preferablly white) fabric and conciously dive into the beautiful process of your body. You will experience the blood flow and your bodys unique way of communicating.

Let it flow freely on the fabric. You can use this time to simply meditate or to do any kind of creative work that you enjoy. Maybe you will notice small differences in your state of meditation or your „Work Flow“. Simply witness whatever comes up in the process.

With time, you will understand your bodys signals, you will learn the little signs that tell you that the blood ist about to come. Repeating this exercise over longer periods of time you can slowly start to experiment. Can you feel the moment before the blood is flowing out of you? Can you hold the blood by contracting your pelvic floor muscles?

Maybe your confidence in your ability to understand your bodys communication will grow. If so, try leaving your fabric safe space and move around in the comfort of your home.
Can you feel the moment before the blood is flowing out of you, even in movement? Can you hold the blood by contracting your pelvic floor muscles until you are in a safe position to let it flow again?

In a state of patience and sensibility, you can widen your radius of movement. You might want to go for a walk in nature. You might even want to go grocery shopping. You might also want to stay within the safe space of your fabric. Any desire that comes up is valuable and deserves to be listened to. The more often that practice is repeated, the better you will know and understand your unique special needs, whishes and desires. The better you will get to know your menstruation, the better you will get to know yourself.  

Author: Sophia Reyers

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